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Friday, October 27, 2006

First Sleep over and Pre-Birthday Party

Wow, things keep getting better and better. I had a sleepover with my friend Joey, he's a bit older than I, he's 5 and he stayed with us while his dad was at work. We went out to dinner , played games and just hung out. Then I went to visit with my Aunt Betty at her work and met my buddies from Blair's. They all watched me in KAZ and I just had to meet them all!!! Then, if that wasn't enough, I went to Aunt Tammy's for a pre-birthday bash (they can't make my actual birthday)and my grandma was there too.

Sneak preview of my Halloween costume!!!

Hope all these pictures come out...

Saturday, October 21, 2006


Now that I have the crawling thing down I need to learn to sit from that stage. I'm almost there but not quit. I've done it twice but haven't been able to do it anymore. Mom says it will come in time and that I should be grateful I've come this far.

Here are some pictures to show you just how far I've gotten...

P.S. Aunt Betty see you on Tuesday!!!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Aunt Betty - Three Blogs Today

Are you happy now???

Nothing New....Just Pictures of ME!!!

I spent the day over at my cousins as you saw in the previous blog and now you can see other photo's of my day, my cousins are pretty cool!!!

Check It Out......

A Day At The Firehouse With My Cousin Tyler

Wow, those trucks are so big and way to big for me so I kind of watched while Tyler got to pretend drive. Maybe next year for me. Mom and Dad took lots of pictures for you to see of our firehouse experience and then our evening afterwards.

Take a look.

Aren't I cute........

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Last of the Crawling Photo's

Ok, this should do it for a while. Hope you all enjoyed in my learning experience this week. Bet you don't remember back that far, my mom said she sure doesn't.

Dudley thinks I'm funny but he will enjoy me more once I'm really able to play with him!!!

Until next time.....

Continuation of Learning to Crawl!!!

I told you there were many photo's, bet you thought I was teasing.....

Mom said we should give kudos to dad as he has just starting changing my poopie diapers. Mom is sure glad of that, it's not fun for her to change them all. Way to go DAD!!!

Learning to Crawl!!!

Wow, my mom thought she was busy before, she hasn't seen anything yet! I'm not real good at it yet but give me a week and I will be. Mom took pictures so you could all see.

Also, got lots more great gifts!!! AND met many more new PEEPS!!!

Hope you like all the photo's......

Saturday, October 07, 2006

OK, A Few More Photo's

My Aunt Betty and her friends at Blair's should be glad for all the pictures this go round. Mom hopes this will keep them busy and not calling her for a while (Ha,Ha). Mom said that there would be a phone call on Monday if she didn't post them all!!!

I can't wait until I get this crawling thing down, so far I can only get on my hands and knees and then no where to go, mom says I'll get it in due time.

Every Time I Look More Toys!!!

Now that you've seen my room, lets look at some of my toys. Gosh, every room I go in to there are more toys. Did I tell you I LOVE toys and Dudley does too...

Please forgive all the photo's but my mom thinks I'm so DARN cute, all she does is take snap shots all day long; don't tell her but I'm glad she does, it makes me feel loved and warm all over!!!

Kyle's Room......

We thought it would be nice to include pictures of Kyle's room. I finally put the last finishing touches on it. Can you tell we have planned out his career path???

Check it out......